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9786155564130 - Pedro Calderon De La Barca: Life Is A Dream
Pedro Calderon De La Barca (?):

Life Is A Dream (?)

ISBN: 9786155564130 (?) vagy 6155564132, ismeretlen nyelv, Ekitap Projesi, Új

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Life Is A Dream: The dominant motives in Calderon`s dramas are characteristically national: fervid loyalty to Church and King, and a sense of honor heightened almost to the point of the fantastic. Though his plays are laid in a great variety of scenes and ages, the sentiment and the characters remain essentially Spanish and this intensely local quality has probably lessened the vogue of Calderon in other countries. In the construction and conduct of his plots he showed great skill, yet the ingenuity expended in the management of the story did not restrain the fiery emotion and opulent imagination which mark his finest speeches and give them a lyric quality which some critics regard as his greatest distinction.Of all Calderon`s works, &quote Life is a Dream&quote may be regarded as the most universal in its theme. It seeks to teach a lesson that may be learned from the philosophers and religious thinkers of many ages-that the world of our senses is a mere shadow, and that the only reality is to be found in the invisible and eternal. The story which forms its basis is Oriental in origin, and in the form of the legend of &quote Barlaam and Josaphat&quote was familiar in all the literatures of the Middle Ages. Combined with this in the plot is the tale of Abou Hassan from the &quote Arabian Nights,&quote the main situations in which are turned to farcical purposes in the Induction to the Shakespearean &quote Taming of the Shrew.&quote But with Calderon the theme is lifted altogether out of the atmosphere of comedy, and is worked up with poetic sentiment and a touch of mysticism into a symbolic drama of profound and universal philosophical significance.LIFE IS A DREAMDRAMATIS PERSONAEBasilio King of Poland.Segismund his Son.Astolfo his Nephew.Estrella his Niece.Clotaldo a General in Basilio`s Service.Rosaura a Muscovite Lady.Fife her Attendant.Chamberlain, Lords in Waiting, Officers,Soldiers, etc., in Basilio`s Service.The Scene of the first and third Acts lies on the Polish frontier: of the second Act, in Warsaw. As this version of Calderon`s drama is not for acting, a higher and wider mountain-scene than practicable may be imagined for Rosaura`s descent in the first Act and the soldiers` ascent in the last. The bad watch kept by the sentinels who guarded their state-prisoner, together with much else (not all!) that defies sober sense in this wild drama, I must leave Calderon to answer for whose audience were not critical of detail and probability, so long as a good story, with strong, rapid, and picturesque action and situation, was set before them.about author:Pedro Calderon de la Barca was born in Madrid, January 17, 1600, of good family. He was educated at the Jesuit College in Madrid and at the University of Salamanca and a doubtful tradition says that he began to write plays at the age of thirteen. His literary activity was interrupted for ten years, 1625-1635, by military service in Italy and the Low Countries, and again for a year or more in Catalonia. In 1637 he became a Knight of the Order of Santiago, and in 1651 he entered the priesthood, rising to the dignity of Superior of the Brotherhood of San Pedro in Madrid. He held various offices in the court of Philip IV, who rewarded his services with pensions, and had his plays produced with great splendor. He died May 5, 1681. At the time when Calderon began to compose for the stage, the Spanish drama was at its height. Lope de Vega, the most prolific and, with Calderon, the greatest, of Spanish dramatists, was still alive and by his applause gave encouragement to the beginner whose fame was to rival his own. The national type of drama which Lope had established was maintained in its essential characteristics by Calderon, and he produced abundant specimens of all its varieties. Of regular plays he has left a hundred and twenty of &quote Autos Sacramentales,&quote the peculiar Spanish allegorical development of the medieval mystery, we have seventy-three besides a considerable number of farces. Englisch, Ebook
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ISBN (alternatív jelölések): 615-5564-13-2, 978-615-5564-13-0


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