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ISBN: 9789631285468

9789631285468 - Attila Orosz: New Dawn
Attila Orosz (?):

New Dawn (2017) (?)

ISBN: 9789631285468 (?) vagy 9631285464, ismeretlen nyelv, The Unseeing Eye, The Unseeing Eye, The Unseeing Eye, Új, eBook, digitális letöltés

Az eladó/ekkor
A man is running for his life. An army is deployed to hunt him down. He has no right to be there. He has no right to live. He is not considered human.A man is on a mission. He is looking for the hunted, for those denied humanity. He is trying to save them, to deliver them to safety, to give them a chance of life. But can he succeed?The year is 2058. The world's powers have been stabilised, the citizens of the newly formed super-states are safe, living in peace. But safety is a privilege of the fortunate few. For those, born on the wrong side of The Wall surrounding the United States of Europe, peace must be paid for; and the price is higher than ever before. When fate brings the two men together, they struggle against time, hostile forces, their own prejudices and each other, towards a conclusion, neither of them would have thought possible. New Dawn is a protest against racism, the political exploitation of ignorance and fear, and the glorification of war; exploerd from both the "giving" and the "receiving" ends, wrapped in a dark, action packed, constantly accelerating chase. Told from different points of view, the story shows all sides of an unfolding disaster. There are no pretenses or clichés, the characters confront each other and their own prejudices, while struggling to accept a reality that is widely different from their deepest rooted beliefs.
Eladó rendelési szám: 59f2f6ba-4209-4e40-8ed2-20dd3290a90a
Platform rendelési szám 100379789631285468
Kategória: Fiction & Literature
Kulcsszavak: New Dawn Attila Orosz Action & Adventure Fiction & Literature 9789631285468
Származó adatok 2017.05.11 18:05h
ISBN (alternatív jelölések): 963-12-8546-4, 978-963-12-8546-8


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